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We offer classes for every level. Spin classes are capped at 20 participants. Priority seating available with unlimited membership. Yoga and PiYo classes are capped at 30 participants, also with priority booking available.


Early Risers SPIN® 

Start your day off with a high energy, heart pounding spin class, that is challenging and rewarding. Aristotle said, "It is well to be up before day break, for such habits contribute to health, wellness, and wisdom."

Sweat It Out SPIN®

Get your weekend started with a ride that will lift your mood and energize your body, mind, and soul! This class will challenge your strength and endurance with interval
drills to positive, motivational music.




Afternoon Party SPIN®

This jammed pack 45 minute class offers you a midday workout where we move, we groove, and we push.




Quiet Revolution SPIN® 

Quiet Revolution is a one hour recovery SPIN ® class that utilizes an active recovery approach. The mind-body connection aid's in your body's restorative process.

Recovery ride.

Race Day Cycle SPIN®

Race Day is a once a month class and is designed for advanced participants. This hour and a half class is restricted to members who on average spin 3x or more per week at RGF. Refreshments are provided afterwards.

One time per month on Saturday



Better Body Circuit

This circuit training class is 45 minutes and combines cardio routines with weights, resistance work, TRX, Intervals, body weight, HITT, endurance.

We will discuss diet and provide recipes. We will get to the bottom of your fitness goals and find out what will motivate you to achieve them. 

This class will help you to create YOUR DESIRED BETTER BODY!



After Work Party SPIN 

Join us after the work day for an invigorating spin class that stimulates an outdoor riding experience. This calorie burning fitness party is easy to follow, and is sure to help you begin to wind down your day.




Restorative Yoga

Join us to learn how to clear the Issues in your Tissues. You will love the added benefit of increased calm and clarity that comes to the mind with a gentle yoga practice. This non-pretzel yoga style is modified to accommodate all body types.





Long Journey/Concert Ride SPIN 

Long Journey is an hour and a half endurance spin class with great music. Join us as your instructor takes you on a journey to build endurance and stamina. 




Power Flow Yoga

No matter your physical condition, a regular yoga practice can transform your body and soul. Join us to emphasize building your core strength, creating balance, and increasing your flexibility. Every posture can be modified to the student's level of fitness. 



Hip Hop Cardio Dance

This fun, high intensity workout, is designed to burn fat and help you tighten up. The party like atmosphere combines dancing to the hottest pop and hip hop music.




  Golf Strength & Conditioning

This strength & conditioning class is built around enhancing golf specific performance. The programming for this class focuses on core strength, balance, kinetic chain movement, hip strength/mobility, and a whole lot more!