What to Expect

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What to expect during your initial consultation:

Your initial consultation will be approximately 1 hour long and will involve the following:

  • Individualized Goal Setting catered to your unique goals and capabilities. 

  • A realistic Plan of Action designed, based on experience, scientific principles and educational background. 

  • A Comprehensive Fitness Assessment and detailed Body Fat Analysis. 


What to expect EVERY training session:

Every training session you attend at Revolution Group Fitness will involve:

  • Each session will involve a warm-up/CNS activation, a detailed/scientific backed workout plan, and a cool down involving necessary flexibility and mobility work. 

  • Private sessions, pre-designed, catered to your specific goals, outlined in your comprehensive plan of action.

  • Undivided individual attention (No trainers paying attention to their cell phones or talking to others - All eyes on you!).

  • Private training area that is kept extremely clean, with top of the line Rogue® fitness equipment. 


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